dinsdag 21 februari 2012


So, I decided to paint my own bracelets...
Why not make a tutorial/DIY of it... :)
I had some wooden bracelets laying around and decided I wanted to "pimp" them!

So how to make these yourself:

Materials needed:
- wooden bracelets

- paint (I used DecorFin Universal by Talens) but I'm sure other paints (like acrylics) will be fine too.

- Small paintbrushes

- tape

- a knife

Step 1:
Take your tape and try to come up with some sort of pattern you like.
I decided to cut smaller strips so I could play with the blank spaces between the painted areas.
Make sure the tape is sticky enough and be sure there's no room for paint to get underneath the tape.

Step 2:
Decide what colors of paint you want to use. I decided to just go with 2 colors.
Then start filling the "pattern" you've created by using your brushes and paint.
Sometimes you've got to do multiple layers of paint to cover it all up.

Step 3.
Remove the tape.
I like to remove the tape when the paint hasn't fully dried yet.
If the paint has bleeded a little your can try to remove it by using the tip of your knife to scratch it off.

If the bracelet has fully dried it's done. If you want to make sure the paint won't crackle you can use a coat of clear varnish.


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