dinsdag 29 december 2009

Pop-up Book thing

Hey guys,

I'm working on a new book right now. Well, I think so...still don't know what I'm gonna do with it though...
Any tips and ideas welcome! (first time making pop ups...)

vrijdag 18 december 2009


So the last book I was talking about, has a cover now :)

Though I still need to put something like a title on it...

maandag 14 december 2009

New Book

A book I've been working on for hours... It's a couple of meters long, but I kinda like the result!

zaterdag 12 december 2009

New project

Something new I' m working on! (first time)

vrijdag 11 december 2009


A little book I'm currently working on about skin


Today I went to a little shop called Bruens.
It's a shop with art articles, and everytime I go there I come out with more then I was supposed to buy.

I went to get rice paper today... and yes I bought rice paper.
But I also bought a new sketchbook and a piece of pretty paper (yes I don't know what it's called)

maandag 7 december 2009


Something I' m currently working on for a school assigment -

I make books with the days of the week as subject!


And friday;

Still working on those...

dinsdag 1 december 2009


Hello and Welcome,

I have no idea what to tell in my first blog!
After reading multiple beautiful blogs for a long time, I decided to make one too.
I'm a third-year art school student - illustration.

I want to blog about things I've seen, stuff that inspires me, some of the things I'm working on, sketches, unfinished ideas and so on!
I hope you enjoy reading my blog and feel free to contact me if you have a suggestion or comment, want to share something or just want to say hi!

Hope to see you around